Stay compliant and ensure a safe, fair, and productive workplace with our essential compulsory wall charts. Display the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (Summary), Environmental Regulations, and Employment Equity Act (Summary) prominently to meet legal requirements. Our updated Occupational Health and Safety Act chart keeps your employees informed and safe. Complete your compliance toolkit with our OHS Wall Chart and Regulations Wall Chart. Stay ahead, stay compliant. Order now.


Are you Legally Compliant?

The Department of Labour requires that certain legislation needs to be displayed

The Department of Labour sets strict requirements on what legislation needs to be displayed for the benefit of employers and employees. Look around your office. If you cannot see the following pieces of legislation displayed, then in all probability you are non-compliant.

Non-Compliance can incur penalties (business closure. legal ramifications, etc).
In non-compliance cases, Companies will be forced to comply.

  • ·        Basic Conditions of Employment Act 
    o   Includes Environmental Regulations (Compulsory to Display)
    o   Amended as from 01 May 2023
    ·        Employment Equity Act 
    o   Includes EE guidelines (Compulsory to Display)
    o   Amended as from 01 May 2023
    ·        Occupational Health and Safety Act
    o   (Compulsory to Display)
    o   Amended as from 01 May 2023
    o   Part A ( Act) Part B Regulations

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