SEIFSA is a National Federation representing 19 Independent Employer Associations in the metals and engineering industries, with a combined membership of 1,223 companies employing around 167,000 employees.

The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) is a national employer Federation representing the Metals and Engineering (M&E) industry. For nearly 80 years, SEIFSA has provided active support for employer Associations and lobbied for policies that have improved the business environment in which its members operate.

SEIFSA operates on the following levels:

National level

As the recognised voice of the M&E industry, SEIFSA’s management team represents employer associations on a number of organisations that are critical to the success of the industry as a whole including:

  • Business Unity South Africa (Busa)
  • Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA)
  • Electricity Intensive Users Forum
  • Eskom Task Group on Electricity
  • Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Seta (merSETA)
  • Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council (MEIBC)
  • Metal Industries Benefit Funds Administrators (Mibfa)
  • National Economic, Development and Labour Council (Nedlac)
  • Technical Sectoral Liaison Committee on Trade Agreements of Nedlac
  • South African Institute of Iron and Steel Downstream Development Committee
  • Nedlac’s Fund for Research into Industrial Development, Growth and Equity Committee
  • Institute of Safety Management
  • SEIFSA, through its membership of these bodies, has over the years positively influenced legislation and policy affecting labour relations, skills development as well as economic and trade matters.

Industry level

At industry level, SEIFSA negotiates collective agreements covering wages and conditions of employment with the trade unions. The Federation also represents employers on the boards of the Engineering Industries Pension Fund, the Metal Industries Provident Fund, the Metal and Engineering Industries Permanent Disability Scheme, the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council Sick Pay Fund, the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council and the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Seta (merSETA).

Individual company level

SEIFSA provides a comprehensive range of services and products of direct benefit to Associations and their members. SEIFSA’s range of services and products includes advice, assistance, consultancy (covering labour legislation, dispute resolution, employment conditions, health and safety, broad-based black economic empowerment, contract price adjustment and skills development), publications, training courses, seminars and conferences.