The Associations are stakeholders of SEIFSA and have representation on the SEIFSA Council, which is the Chamber or forum where the representatives of each one of the 18 federated Associations meet, discuss, and agree on different matters affecting the metals and engineering industries.

Each Association is unique to their specific sector and the Associations promote ethical business practices and offer an ideal platform for its members to network with relevant industry players, receive up-to-date information on the latest industry news, promote the interests of members, discuss issues such as government legislation, labour laws, lobbying on issues that affect their members and general matters affecting the steel and engineering industries within South Africa, as well as the various sectors. Through the Association meetings, members receive an update on the latest industry news

If you are interested in joining one of the 18 Associations, complete the inquiry form below and one of our Association Administrators will contact you within 24 hours

List of Associations Federated to SEIFSA

Employers engaged within the scope of the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council in the Cape Region

Any employer engaged in the Constructional Engineering Industry, which may include but not be limited to any of the following activities shall be eligible for membership of the Association:a) those engaged in the fabrication of rolled metal sections and plate including the assembly, and/or erection of engineering plant or structures and the repair and/or dismantling thereof.

(b) those engaged in construction site operations and activities, including maintenance work.  These operations are taken to include, but are not limited to, all structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation work, and work related to these activities, on construction sites.  Temporary workshops set up by members at or near construction sites are regarded as being included in construction site operations.

(c) those engaged in the manufacture and/or assembly and/or renovation and/or rectification and/or modification of railway rolling stock including 610 mm gauge rolling stock-rolling stock includes locomotives and/or propulsion/traction units and/or railway wagons and/or passenger coaches and/or guards vans.

(d) those engaged in the application of anti-corrosive coating and/or insulation
of metal vessels and/or ducting and/or piping.

(e) those engaged in non-destructive testing (NDT) and employing operatives
and inspection personnel.

(f) those engaged in the supply of labour with skills used in the industry, to the
members of the Association and to the industry in general.

Employers engaged within the scope of the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council in the Midlands region.
Electrical Engineering and Allied Industries’ Association (EEAIA)
Employers engaged in the manufacture of electrical equipment such as generators, motors, convertors, switch and control gear (including relays, contactors, electrical instruments and equipment associated therewith) electrical lighting, heating and cooling equipment, primary and secondary cells and batteries (other than motor car batteries), transformers, furnace equipment, signalling and electronic equipment, electric cables comprising insulated and uninsulated conductors, or incandescent lamps and/or the installation, maintenance, alteration and repair of electrical equipment including the wiring of or for such equipment.

Any employer engaged in electrical manufacturing in the Republic of South Africa shall be eligible for membership. In order to promote the interest of local manufacturing the Association may grant membership to other local manufacturers meeting the criteria of local content as described below: ‘’Manufacturing’’ means the joint enterprise in which employers and employees are associated for the purpose of manufacturing and assembling of products where the local content amounts to at least fifty-per centum (50%) of factory cost.

Employers engaged in the manufacture and erection of gates and fencing materials and operating a workshop in the Republic of South Africa.

Employers engaged in the manufacture of edge hand and small tools made wholly or mainly intended for industrial and/ or domestic purposes.

Employers engaged in the basic production of iron and/or steel and/or their alloys or rolling and/or drawing and/or finishing processes when associated and performed conjointly with the basic production of iron and steel and/or their alloys.

Employers engaged in the engineering industry, including general, structural and foundry operations in the Natal region.

Employers engaged in lift and/or escalator manufacture and/or assembly and/or installation and/or repair and/or maintenance.

Employers engaged in the manufacture by repetitive methods of light metal products (excluding tinsmiths and/or plumbers), by forging, stamping, rolling, pressing, bending, welding, cutting and/or casting and employers engaged in the manufacture or sale of sheet metal articles and/or tubular furniture involving the use of metal of 4mm and thinner and which may include integral light metal sections of material not exceeding 7mm thickness and up to and including 16mm round attachments to hollowware in the Republic of South Africa, shall be eligible for membership of the organization.

Employers engaged in the manufacture of non-ferrous metals and alloys including the smelting of scrap metal in connection with such manufacture.For the purpose of the above, “Manufacture” shall be defined to mean:The smelting and/or refining and/or processing of ores and/or primary and/or virgin materials and/or alloys and/or scrap metal and/or drossess under precise and strict laboratory and/or metallurgical control methods, and shall exclude trading in scrap metal other than for the bona fide purpose of “Manufacture”For the purpose of the above,

Employers engaged in the manufacture and/or supply of refrigeration and/or air-conditioning equipment and/or products in the Republic of South Africa

Employers engaged in the decorating, protecting and building up of metals by means of electrode position processes, including the grinding, polishing, oxidising, anodising, pickling and preparation of such metals and other operations incidental thereto.

Employers engaged in the manufacture and/or fabrication and/or assembly of devices which actuate a controlled flow of liquids, gases, vapours and/or solids in pipelines or pipeline systems in the Republic of South Africa.

Employers engaged in the manufacture of valves and actuators.

Employers engaged in the cutting, bending, supply and/or fixing in position of steel bar for the reinforcement of concrete for all types of building and civil engineering structures.

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