Unpacking the technical schedule of the Main Agreement and gaining insight into how to apply the schedules to your organization and ensure that employees are graded and paid.
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Half Day


09:00 – 13:30

Overview of Workshop

Unpacking the technical schedule of the main agreement and gaining insight into how to apply the schedules to your organization and ensure that employees are graded and paid.

Who should attend this workshop?

Manufacturing Leaders, key personnel involved with preparing manufacturing work instructions, standards, personnel involved with allocating job titles, Management/Union meeting committee members and Human Resource staff

What will the workshop cover?

  • A brief introduction of legislation concerning bargaining councils and collective bargaining,
  • The metal industry, the Main Agreement, and the jurisdiction and scope of application of both in terms of technical operations,
  • Seifsa and its operations, functions and purpose,
  • The metal industry’s collective agreements,
  • The Main Agreement, Part I which applies to grading,
  • Breaking down and understanding the Main Agreement, Part II Technical Schedules, covering Schedules G & M, Divisions D, E & F and an overview of 5-Grade Wage Structure
  • Importance of employee grading
  • The grading process
  • Factors to be considered when grading
  • Dealing with grading Issues and tips on how to deal with them
  • A basic grading guide in the allocation of tasks

In-house grading workshop:

Duration: Half a day to two days, depending on the level of intervention required.

The in-house grading workshop will focus on the technical schedules and job grades that apply to your company. The workshop will be tailored to your requirements and special requests. The workshop will include the following, and can be adapted to suit your requirements:

  • A telephonic assessment or a site visit to the company, to overview your production operation and machinery utilised, prior to the workshop,
  • A review of your Manufacturing Certificate issued by the MEIBC to ensure suitability,
  • Full training on the grading process,
  • Additional items such as substitute rules, job profiling, and dealing with grading disputes,
  • A detailed overview of the technical schedules applicable to your company
  • A practical detailed hands-on mentorship for all attendees with a skills audit and subsequent selection of grades applicable to that operation to ensure understanding.

Other grading services offered:

The following services are available to Organizations when dealing with Grading issues:

  • Leadership Training
    • Conduct training for the Manufacturing Leadership & Key Staff so they understand the full extent of grading structures within the Main Agreement and comprises both the theory and practical in gaining a full understanding of the Grading process;
    • Courses are tailored to the requirements of the organization and can be extended to one or two days depending on the level of detail required by the organization.
  • Conducting Audits & Analysis
    • Grading audits in line with the various MA’s to ensure the correct grades have been applied to the Payroll;
    • Payroll audits using the current payroll rates in comparison to the newly determined rates and clarifying the differences;
    • Conduct a grading analysis on the conversion from the 13-Grade Structure to the 5-Grade Structure;
  • Grading Challenges & Support
    • Represent & Support Companies when dealing with grading challenges by the Unions or Bargaining Council;
    • Support companies that have been graded by the MEIBC Grading Agent and to conduct similar audits to ensure that the correct grades have been applied;
    • Assist with resolving grading disputes;
  • First-Time Grading implementation
    • Introduce a new factory grading system within your company by establishing the skill grades relative to the machine or workstation.



Chris Wright

Chris is a Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years of experience in Senior Management/Director positions in the manufacturing sector. In 2019 Chris exited the corporate environment to open his own business, Chris Wright Associates (Pty) Ltd, and his mission is to drive the “Core Manufacturing Performance Drivers” in striving for greater financial profitability. His approach is aimed primarily at the People and to apply his knowledge and experience in assisting, developing, providing guidance and mentorship to the manufacturing industry in achieving a greater degree of efficiencies, productivity, and quality improvements. People play a fundamental role in this transformation and are ultimately the drivers of the process.

Marius Landman

Specialist duties include Accreditation of Labour Brokers, Specialist in Grading of Scheduled Positions in terms of Main Agreement, Attend to training employer representatives in Part 2 Technical Schedules (grading of positions) of the Consolidated Main Agreement, Act as chairperson in disciplinary hearings, Attend to MEIBC CDR AND CCMA dispute referrals representing the employer, together with the representing of companies at the Council level where compliance orders were issued for alleged non-compliance with Main Agreement.


This course is being facilitated in partnership with Chris Wright & Associates and ML Labour Consultants (Pty) Ltd


Tel: 011 298 9400

Email: sales@seifsa.co.za

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Online Webinar


28 June 2022, 20 July 2022


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