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We all agree that South Africa is a beautiful country, but it is a relatively small market for most companies with an ambition to be global players in their respective sectors of the economy. That is why it is in your business’s interest to do business well beyond the borders of South Africa.

BRICS, of which South Africa has been a member since 2010, is a vast, strategic market for your products and services. Do you fully understand what opportunities South Africa’s membership of BRICS offers you and how the South African Chapter of the BRICS Business Council can help you to collaborate with like-minded parties in the BRIC countries?

The inaugural BRICS Manufacturing Conference, to take place on 12 November 2020 in Johannesburg, will offer you a window into the work of the BRICS Business Council and the opportunities that may be available to you, as a manufacturer, within those countries. Make sure that you book now for the day-long conference to ensure that you do not miss out.

Space is limited. It costs a mere R2 500 for you to attend as a delegate. Don’t miss out.

As you will see in the programme, the BRICS Manufacturing Working Group’s priority projects will be showcased during the Conference, and a separate Plenary Session will focus on “How South African Business Can Leverage BRICS Membership Better”.


Speakers will include Members of the BRICS Business Council, who were appointed by the Government followed their nomination by Business Unity South Africa and the Black Business Council, and Chairpersons of some of the BRICS Working Groups. These men and women attended the BRICS Summit in Brazil in November 2019 and will be attending the same summit in Russia this year.

Attend the inaugural BRICS Manufacturing Conference to understand how you, as a manufacturer, can work with and benefit from the work done by the BRICS Manufacturing Working Group.

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