Well, the heading is somewhat flattering. So, let’s just agree that there are some tongue-in-cheek comments in that headline.

Some people in the SEIFSA office said I must use my platinum-coloured hair as a marketing strategy and boast of my years of experience in industrial relations and labour law matters. I said okay (actually they didn’t say platinum, but let’s stick with that).

It’s been a very busy year on the IR front, and I’ve been involved with chairing disciplinary hearings, representing and guiding companies during the processes and consultative meetings of retrenchments, short-time, disputes, strikes, leave enhancement pay exemptions, conciliation, and arbitration hearings, not to mention issues arising from the conditions of employment found in the Main Agreement and the BCEA.

I do enjoy assisting companies, helping them do these things right the first time. And, yes, it does happen that I have to help companies fix problems where companies may not have done things as best as they can or should have the first time around. But it’s always best to do things right from the start, and not have to fix things – so keep in touch with us from the start!

Besides the consultancy service, I have presented a lot of training courses over the years and still do that. Some of you may have attended some of them (I hope you enjoyed them!). During the lock-down period, we really got going with the webinars, and at some, there were over 100 people in attendance.

If you haven’t already, please consider coming to one of our workshops, whether on the Main Agreement or Water-tight Dismissals (Chairing Disciplinary Hearings) or Managing Absenteeism and Misconduct or Successfully Implementing Retrenchments, Short-time and Lay-offs. We would love to share that time with you.

Then amongst all of that, there are the numerous queries that come through via the phone and email, where we try and resolve any issues and questions that you may have. 

But now we are at the end of 2020; it has been a strange and unusual year, and hopefully, we all got through it well. It’s nearly time for holidays, and hopefully, yours will be just what you need, whether invigorating and exciting or surrounded by calm and peace or a combination of the two, I hope it just blesses, motivates, and inspires you.

So, keep the faith, keep believing (is that a bit like the song from Journey – Don’t stop believing?), keep motivated and inspired. We are all in this together – we can do it.

Have an awesome holiday, a blessed Christmas, and a prosperous 2021.