Hello, and welcome to the Miya Minute and our Division’s first-ever digital newsletter.

As you have already gathered from Louwressè, my name is Vuyiswa Miya, and I am also an admitted attorney, with the sole mission of providing you, the SEIFSA member or stakeholder, with the best legal advice so that your business maintains an even keel –  even during these disturbing times.

Yes, I am declaring it. The word “unprecedented” has now officially been over-used. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust upon us almost apocalyptic waves of change. The numbers are cataclysmic – and cannot be compared to any single event. You know this. I know this. So, what is it that we as a collective are supposed to do?

Survive, Focus, Listen, and Comply (SFLC). In that order!


The industry can’t afford to lose your business’s capacity. So, make sure your business is still around next year and the year after that. This means that you might need to make tough decisions and even tougher choices. You are not alone: SEIFSA can be your guide, specifically with Section 189 processes and procedures.


Ensure that your stakeholders know what is going on with your business. Talk with your suppliers and customers alike. Keep those relationships strong.


There will be lots of information and advice coming to you from many sources. Trusted sources, such as SEIFSA, whose mission it is to be of assistance to employers. Attend seminars like its Labour Law Seminar, and keep an eye on its website for updates on legislation, etc.


Know the law, and apply the law in your business. This is almost a back-to-basics approach. Once again, the IR&LS Division is here to help you with that quest.

I will be using “The Miya Minute” to showcase how you can SFLC over the next few months with SEIFSA’s help.

Talk to me and let me know what your challenges are.

Contact Vuyiswa (vuyiswa@seifsa.co.za).