On 17 April we communication that the MEIBC has concluded a MOA with the UIF but only to act as an intermediary for the channelling of applications for the TERS to the UIF.

We also confirmed that any employer has the option either to claim directly to the UIF or through the Council, whilst highlighting that the Council is encouraging employers who have the capacity, to lodge their claim directly with the UIF.

We also attached the MEIBC Circular and documentation for any employer who may wish to submit a claim via the MEIBC.

In this regard please note that the MEIBC has circulated a revised Industry Circular and requested that you kindly replace the UIF Application Questionnaires circulated yesterday marked “A” and “C” with the revised ones attached.

Note also that paragraph 3.1 of the Industry Circular circulated yesterday has been amended to align with dates in the UIF Application Questionnaires marked “A” and “C” attached