Further to our communication yesterday advising that it was becoming increasingly apparent that the MEIBC would not be able to finalised a MOA with the Parties to the Bargaining Council and recommending that members lodge TERS claim directly with UIF, we can now confirm that although the Bargaining Council has concluded a MOA with the UIF (as opposed to the Parties to the Council) it has done so only to act as an intermediary for the channelling of applications for the TERS to the UIF.

Importantly an employer has the option either to claim directly to the UIF or through the Council. Please note that the Council is encouraging employers who have the capacity, to lodge their claim directly with the UIF.

In the event that a member wishes to submit its claim via the MEIBC, the attached documentation is for your information, together with the MEIBC Circular confirming the above; namely:

  1. Industry Circular No. 2020/2.
  2. Original and first directive issued on 25 March 2020.
  3. The second directive issued on 6 April 2020.
  4. The third directive issued on 16 April 2020.
  5. The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) “C” signed between the Council and the UIF.
  6. The signed addendum marked Annexure “A” to the MOA “C”.
  7. UIF Application Questionnaire marked Annexure “A”.
  8. UIF Application Questionnaire marked Annexure “C”.
  9. Annexure B – Payroll Information Template.

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