It is imperative that corporate South Africa, and more specifically the Manufacturing and Engineering (M&E) sector, proactively address many of the real challenges regarding apprenticeships, artisan development and broader economically relevant skills development. In responding to the above, the SEIFSA Training Centre is the ideal organisation to partner with. Without apprenticeships, and related critical technical development programmes leading to quality skills, our prospects for growing our economy and providing jobs for our millions of unemployed young people, will remain an unfulfilled dream. Therefore, it is critical to encourage companies to take on apprentices and develop technical & business critical skills, to meet the needs of employers. Our capability and focus on quality drives demand from companies that wish to take on trainees. Feedback from the SEIFSA Training Centre’s corporate partners indicates that many employers understand and appreciate the benefits of taking on apprentices. In addition, companies recover the costs of their investment as early as in the second year of apprenticeships. Contact us so that we can help you develop apprenticeships and technical & critical business skills programmes that meet your needs.

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