Three more indices make their debut for SEIFSA Pips

In a blog piece “What are Indices” by Seifsa economist Marique Kruger, she explains the importance of knowing how to price your tender by using the Price and Index Pages. SEIFSA ensures that as many industries are covered as possible and the latest edition includes three more indices, namely:

Reinforcing Steel Transformer Indices Polymer Indices

(Table E-7)

(Tables J-1(A), J-2(A) and J-3(A)

(Table M-5)


So, if you are in the Reinforcing Steel industry, if you manufacture Transformers, or if you work with Polymers, you should really become a subscriber to SEIFSA’s Price and Index Pages, or as we like to call them – PIPS.

Now you can easily and professionally justify your inflation-related increases because as we all know costs naturally go up.

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