In response to NUMSA’s declaration of strike action, which schedules strike action to commence on Tuesday, 5 October, SEIFSA today served a notice of a defensive Lock-out.

A draft copy of the Lock-Out Notice is attached together with Annexure A hereto, for your use, should you wish to declare a lock-out.

By virtue of this notice, SEIFSA, on behalf of its Associations, has reserved the rights of the membership to implement a lock-out in response to strike action, should a company wish to do so.

In the interim, SEIFSA’s Negotiating Team is continuing to explore all settlement possibilities with organised labour in an endeavour to limit the impact that the strike and lock-out will have on the industry.

Again, we kindly remind the membership to ensure that all necessary precautions and plans are in place as we continue to work towards a settlement. We will continue to keep all members fully informed as developments unfold