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The Trade Unions and SEIFSA today agreed to request the Bargaining Council to convene a Signing Ceremony on Wednesday, 23 August 2017 at the Offices of the Bargaining Council in order to reconvene formally and officially to endorse and finalize the Settlement Agreement covering the period 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2020.

Delays which have taken place in this process, which have been frustrating to many who have been following the negotiations with keen interest, are regrettable. As previously indicated, we have to guard against rushing matters in these crucial, closing stages and, in the process, putting at risk all the hard work that has been undertaken to date.

All Parties have communicated the proposed deal to their respective constituencies and the overwhelming majority remain firmly on track to close negotiations on the parameters of the proposed deal set out in Issue 11 of this Update.

Once all the Parties have officially ratified the Settlement Agreement, the SEIFSA Office will immediately post the Wage Tables on our website (www.seifsa.co.za). A comprehensive Management Circular will follow immediately thereafter.

We will continue to keep you and the SEIFSA Council informed of any new developments, should there be any, in this process.

Kaizer M. Nyatsumba
Chief Executive Officer

For Information:
Lucio Trentini
Operations Director
Direct | Tel: 011 298 9414 | Fax: 011 298 9514 | Cell: 082 449 6270
E-mail: lucio@seifsa.co.za

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