It is becoming increasingly apparent that the MEIBC will not be able to finalised its MOA with the Parties. 

This delay is in no one’s best interest and we would strongly recommend that if you haven’t done so already, you lodge your TERS claim, without waiting for the MEIBC to finalise its affairs, by simply forwarding an email to (this will trigger an automated message together with templates, annexures, MOA’s and instructions) OR by lodging your TERS application on-line at: 

Some important notes:

  1. This online process seems more fluid – in that you are prompted to select and complete the correct documents based on what information you input starting with your UIF Reference number. This must be a nine digit number. The UIF reference number must match their format to register. As an example if your UIF Reference is U01234567/0 – You would input as – 012345670 in other words  please do not use the U but rather substitute with a 0.
  2. In the absence of the above MOA C – as your entering directly with the UIF you will select MOA A (Employer/UIF Agreement)
  3. Your Employee data must be in the correct CSV format.
  4. You will also be required to provide/upload a Letter of Authority, Letter of Undertaking and the Employers Account information .
  5. Once you’ve completed the company information for 26 March – 15 April Lockdown period  you will need to submit another for 16 May – 30 April. It will have to be two separate submissions.

When and if the MEIBC finalises its role and advises accordingly we will update you immediately.