Wage Negotations Update Issue 4

SEIFSA & NATJOINTS collaborative effort to curb strike violence.

A delegation from SEIFSA had meetings with NATJOINTS over the weekend in a collaborative effort to curb the violence during the strike.

During the meeting hotspots for strike violence were identified and SEIFSA was tasked to gather information and share credible information with various structures in NATJOINTS, i.e. VisPol and POPS, in order to ensure a speedy reaction to violent protest.  

Should you experience any violent strike action in your area, kindly immediately contact the following:   

Gauteng:                  Christa Smit (083 444 1365 / christa@seifsa.co.za)

Theresa Crowley (082 725 6717 / theresa@seifsa.co.za)

Khumo Kodisang (065 242 5162 / khumo@seifsa.co.za)

KZN:                        Kylie Griffin (082 563 0574 / director@kzneia.co.za)

Eastern Cape:          Keith Volsoo  (083 233 2900 / keith@ostratahr.com)

Western Cape:         Bernard Ashlin (082 336 4446/bernashlin@gmail.com)

Melanie Mulholland (082 852 2925 / melanie@capeeng.co.za)

Kindly share with them:

  • exact location (i.e., street and suburb – preferably a pin location) of the violent strike action;
  • the approximate size of the group of strikers; and
  • as much details of the nature of the violence (i.e., petrol bombing / damage to infrastructure / blocking of raods / assult).

Should you have visual evidence of the violence, i.e. video or photographs, kindly also forward this to the above contacts. However, kindly ensure that this footage is credible if not taken by yourself and share the contact information of the source of the footage.

The NATJOINTS structures asked us to implore our members to report any crimes during the strike and any intimidation relating thereto to the SAPS, even if perpetrators cannot be identified. If the SAPS do not have the information, they cannot adequately monitor the situation.

The various structures at NATJOINTS have committed to addressing any violence during the strike action with urgency, have committed to mobilizing POPS units from unaffected areas to affected areas to ensure promt responses and have committed to increasing visable policing in the affected areas as a deterrent.

We wish to thank Major General Mkwanazi and heads of the structures in NATJOINTS for making themselves available on short notice over the weekend to deal with the strike violence. We have also received various reports from our membership of the SAPS who have acted promptly and managed to diffuse violence during strike action efficiently in certain areas - for these efforts we also wish to thank the SAPS on behalf of our members.  

We will continue to keep you abreast of developments as they unfold over the next few days.