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SEIFSA Human Capital & Skills Development Services

SEIFSA’s Human Capital & Skills Development Division entrenches its service proposition in recognition of the fact that employees are the cornerstones of the competitive edge in creating sustainable and profitable companies.


The HC & SD Division plays a major role in coordinating the views of business and lobbying for employer-friendly policies at strategic national, provincial and sectoral levels.

Some of the bodies we are represented on are

  • BUSA (Social and Transformation Policy Committee),
  • Centers of Specilaisation (DHET Project)
  • merSETA (Accounting Authority and Metal Chamber),
  • Human Resources Development Council (HRDC Champion),
  • National Artisan Development Advisory Body (NADAB)
  • SASCE (Board)

The above representation ideally positions SEIFSA to provide the following services to our member companies:

  • Consult with companies on all merSETA-related matters
  • Assistance with Employment Equity and BBEEE related matters
  • Updates on SARS Tax incentives and benefits
  • Regular updates on skills development and human capital legislation, regulations and compliance e.g. Amendments to the BCEA, Employment Equity, Skills Development Act, BBBEE, etc.
  • Keep our member companies abreast of “best practice” in the human capital and skills development space.

Our team of Human Capital & Skills Development experts are also able to assist with the following product offerings at competitive membership rates:

  • All training related to skills development strategy and compliance
  • Unit standard aligned supervisory training, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Needs analysis and skills audits
  • All training related to Employment Equity Committees
  • EE compliance Audits
  • Performance management
  • Talent management and succession planning
  • Change management
  • Business consulting in the skills development and human capital environment
  • Customized training solutions in all areas of the human capital value chain.

HC & SD workshops

  • Introduction to Skills Development
  • Labour SDF Training to Labour/Union/Employee

Representative Training

  • Needs analysis for organisational performance
  • SARS Tax incentives and benefits breakfast
  • Skills Development Planning and Reporting
  • Skills Development Updates (Landscape and Strategy)
  • Supervisory Training Workshop (unit standard aligned)
  • Training Committee Training
  • Employment Equity Committee Training
  • Diversity Training
  • Unravelling Change, Performance


Visit our website on www.seifsa.co.za or call Michelle Morris (011) 298-9425 or michelle@seifsa.co.za

for tailor-made in-house training or consulting