9. Young Entrepreneur Award

This category recognises a business entity owned by a person aged 35 years or younger. The company must be owner managed, independent, demonstrated growth for over two years and be contributing to job creation in the industry.

Who is eligible to enter this category?

o Youth -owned companies (51% or more youth ownership).

o Owned by under 35 years of age as at 31 December 2021.

Entries will be adjudicated based on the submission of the following supporting


  1. The nomination may be made by an employee, industry colleague, client or the individual themselves. Where nominated, the nominee must agree to the nomination in writing.
  2. Provide Certified copy of the individual’s identity document.
  3. Describe history of the entity – from inception to 2021.
  4. Provide 100-word CV overview of each of the key personnel.
  5. Provide evidence of the entity’s innovation, sustainability and contribution to the industry.
  6. Describe, in no more than two pages, how the entity has empowered youth in the
  7. Provide a 100-word executive summary of the entry for publication and presentation use.
  8. Nominees must be able to make themselves available to be interviewed by the judges.