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The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) is the undisputed voice of the metals and engineering sector in South Africa and the region. Its knowledge and understanding of the sector are unequalled.

Since its formation in 1943, SEIFSA has seen the metals and engineering sector go through great times and – especially in recent years – challenging times. Not only has it kept pace with developments in the sector, but often it has been a crucial – and sometimes indispensable – part of those developments and a reliable voice of the sector.

Long known for and strongly associated with collective bargaining, SEIFSA offers various products and services of great importance to companies in the metals and engineering sector, including those in other economic sectors with close links to this part of the economy. It boasts four Divisions led by respected experts in their respective fields – Economics and Commercial; Industrial Relations and Legal Services; Human Capital and Skills Development; as well as Safety, Health, Environment and Quality. These services range from consulting through to training, both public and in-house.

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