Health and Safety Solutions

The successful implementation and management of a COVID 19 Response Plan is challenging and
requires a team approach, which is prepared to develop and implement the COVID 19 response system together to suite the environment, structural layout and work needs simultaneously.

The COVID 19 system will include the following services:

  • Site/company Risk Assessment for COVID 19 compliance requirements and for staff returning to
  • Compilation of proposed COVID 19 workplace written policy, to be altered and implemented by the
    client to be site and company specific;
  • COVID 19 Induction training for all staff;
  • On-site basic life support paramedic / OHS Specialist assistance, to assist with temperature scanning of
    all staff entering and monitoring for COVID 19 and flue like signs and symptoms.
  • The paramedic will assist with advice in establishing appropriate site protocols for persons presenting
    with COVID 19 signs and symptoms and for appropriate COVID 19 staff behaviour.
  • Assistance with implementation of this plan, together with SEIFSA and the client’s executive
    management team’s leadership and resource support.