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What does your core business entail?

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engineering industry

Do you manufacturer Pumps, Valves or Actuators?

SA Valve and Actuators Manufacturers’ Association

Employers engaged in the manufacture of valves and actuators.

SA Pumps Manufactures Association SAPMA

Employers engaged in the manufacture and/or fabrication and/or assembly of devices which actuate a controlled flow of liquids, gases, vapours and/or solids in pipelines or pipeline systems in the Republic of South Africa.

Are air conditioners and refrigerators your business?

South African Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Contractors’ Association (SARACCA)


Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Manufacturers’ and Suppliers’ Association (RAMSA)

Do you manufacture Hand tools?

Hand Tool Manufacturers’ Association (HATMA)

Is your company a Temporary Employment Services Provider ?

Temporary Employment Services Division (TESD) – A Div of CEA

Are you in the Constructional Engineering Industry?

Constructional Engineering Association (South Africa) (CEA)

Does your business involve electrical engineering or manufacturing?

Electrical Manufacturers’ Association of SA (EMASA)

Electrical Engineering and Allied Industries’ Association (EEAIA)

Do you manufacture light metal products?

Light Engineering Industries’ Association of SA (LEIA)

Employers engaged in the manufacture by repetitive methods of light metal products (excluding tinsmiths and/or plumbers), by forging, stamping, rolling, pressing, bending, welding, cutting and/or casting and employers engaged in the manufacture or sale of sheet metal articles and/or tubular furniture involving the use of metal of 4mm and thinner and which may include integral light metal sections of material not exceeding 7mm thickness and up to and including 16mm round attachments to hollowware in the Republic of South Africa, shall be eligible for membership of the organization.

Does your business process or extract heavy metals/steels?

Hot Dip Galvanizers Association Southern Africa (HDGASA)

Employers engaged in hot dip galvanising

Iron and Steel Producers’ Association of South Africa (ISPA)

Employers engaged in the basic production of iron and/or steel and/or their alloys or rolling and/or drawing and/or finishing processes when associated and performed conjointly with the basic production of iron and steel and/or their alloys.

Non-Ferrous Metal Industries Assoc of SA (NGMIA)

Employers engaged in the manufacture of non-ferrous metals and alloys including the smelting of scrap metal in connection with such manufacture. For the purpose of the above, “Manufacture” shall be defined to mean:The smelting and/or refining and/or processing of ores and/or primary and/or virgin materials and/or alloys and/or scrap metal and/or drossess under precise and strict laboratory and/or metallurgical control methods, and shall exclude trading in scrap metal other than for the bona fide purpose of “Manufacture”For the purpose of the above,

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