As part of our consultancy, SEIFSA offers comprehensive and professional advisory service through experts in each Division. SEIFSA’s consultancy offering is based on many years of knowledge in the industry and an impeccable record advising companies on pertinent and critical issues. Consultancy is offered in all our Divisions below:

Economic & Commercial Consultancy

SEIFSA’s Economic and Commercial Division promotes the interests of members in various national forums, i.e. BUSA, Nedlac and provides information, advice and training on:

  • Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE)
  • Business plans
  • Exports strategy documents
  • Economics advisory / seminar
  • Economics consulting
  • Contract Price Adjustment (CPA)
  • Tender conditions
  • International trade issues
  • Conducts Economic Impact Assessments
  • Investment advisory service
  • Assist companies with in-house strategic sessions
Economic Commercial
Industrial Relations and Legal Services

IR & Legal Services

SEIFSA Industrial Relations qualified and experienced staff offer services to companies that encompass consultancy and training on all industrial relations and labour legislation issues, including:

  • The resolution of company-level disputes which includes but not limited to chairing of disciplinary hearings, representation at conciliations, mediation, arbitration and Labour Court processes
  • Advisory services relating to general Labour Law issues including but not limited to unfair retrenchments and unfair labour practices
  • Industrial relations training and consultation
  • In-house tailor-made IR and Legal compliance solutions

SEIFSA IR and Legal Services Consultancy’s objective is to resolve legal problems as quickly and as cost effectively as possible, minimising legal risks and achieving practical outcomes which make the best financial and commercial sense for the client.

SEIFSA IR and Legal Services Consultancy include:

  • Labour Law Advisory and Litigation Services, including and not limited to representation in the MEIBC, CCMA, Labour Court
  • Commercial Law Advisory Services
  • Environmental  Law Advisory Services
  • Policy drafting and review

Human Capital & Skills Development Consultancy

The Human Capital and Skills Development Division provide expert services in:

  • Consult with companies on all merSETA-related matters
  • Assistance with Employment Equity and BBEEE related matters
  • Updates on SARS Tax incentives and benefits
  • Regular updates on skills development and human capital legislation, regulations and compliance e.g. Amendments to the BCEA, Employment Equity, Skills Development Act, BBBEE, etc.
  • Keep our member companies abreast of “best practice” in the human capital and skills development space.

Our team of Human Capital & Skills Development experts are also able to assist with the following product offerings at competitive membership rates:

  • All training related to skills development strategy and compliance
  • Unit standard aligned supervisory training, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Needs analysis and skills audits
  • All training related to Employment Equity Committees
  • EE compliance Audits
  • Performance management
  • Talent management and succession planning
  • Change management
  • Business consulting in the skills development and human capital environment
Human Capital and Skills Development

Safety, Health, Environment & Quality

We offer a range of SHEQ consultancy services, and customise our offerings according to your needs. Our auditing services include:

  • Occupational health and Safety legal compliance audits
  • Environment legal compliance audits ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 internal and second party audits

In addition to general SHEQ consulting services, we also offer the following specialised environmental services:

  • ISO 45001: 2018,  14001: 2015 and ISO 9001: 2015 Implementation