Understanding & Accessing the Government Relief Funding Support Mechanisms for Businesses

About The Webinar

Operational excellence is not enough to ensure sustainability, and continued success – especially in times of unprecedented challenges brought on by COVID-19. SEIFSA has the expertise to assist and train people in the planning and execution of a strategy that incorporates the appropriate financial support and/or assistance programme that is available and can be accessed as part of Governments recently announced R500bn COVID-19 relief package.

The presenter

Marique Kruger , Economist | SEIFSA

About the presenter


Marique joined SEIFSA in July 2017 as an Economist within SEIFSA’s Economics and Commercial Division. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Economics degree from the University of Johannesburg and she has completed a Master of Commerce in Economics from the same institution.

Part of her role at SEIFSA entails facilitating the Theory and Calculation of Contract Price Adjustment workshop, advising clients both on the buying and supplying side of contracts on matters relating to contract price adjustment, as well as helping them to structure their Contract Price Adjustment clauses, using the SEIFSA – Price and Index Pages (PIPS). Prior to joining SEIFSA Marique worked at Statistics South Africa and ETSA as an Economist.


The presenter

Michael Ade , Chief Economist and Economics and Commercial Executive | SEIFSA

About the presenter


Michael Ade joined SEIFSA on 1 August 2017 as Chief Economist. He holds a B.Com from the University of Buea in Cameroon, a B.Com Honours in General and Financial Economics and an M.Com in Economic Development and Policy Issues from the University of Johannesburg, as well as a Ph.D in Public Economics (Taxation) and International Economics from the University of the Witwatersrand. He also holds certificates in International Trade and Commodity Finance, Export Management and Econometric Analysis of Panel Data.

Prior to joining SEIFSA, Dr Ade worked for the South African Revenue Service as Director: Capacity Development, Programmes and Research. He has previously worked as Chief Economist at Productivity South Africa, Transitional and Technical Manager at ABSA Bank and Group Accountant at Afrikings, the marketing wing of Vodacom.


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