The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, the amendments and the impact of POPI Act on contracts

The Webinar covers the following content:

• Assists companies in understanding the benefits of the POPI Act. Imparting an understanding of the impact that this piece of legislation commands and how to efficiently integrate it into the operations of a company.

About the Webinar

This course will assist companies in understanding the meaning of the POPI Act and the impact that this piece of legislation has on their organisations.
Failure to comply with the requirements of the POPI Act could have dire consequences.
Although companies cannot and shouldn’t shy away from the legal aspects of the Act, POPIA should be seen as an opportunity to identify, clean-up and manage information better, and in doing so, improve business processes.
Don’t fall into the trap of implementing POPIA just to meet your compliance requirements.

The workshop will cover

  • Aspects of preparing for POPI through practical means of revamping their organisations’ compliance resources
  • Provide you with full insight of how POPI will affect the companies’ contracts
  • As part of the workshop, we will go through the process of how to review documents/contracts to include the aspects laid down in POPI
  • How to integrate POPI and the Consumer Protection Act by drafting contracts in plain language
  • Discuss how to comply with POPI in protecting your employees’ and customer’s information and data and ensuring that they are aware of how their information is to be used.

The presenter

Louwresse Specht is SEIFSA’s Industrial Relations and Legal Services Executive. She holds a LLB from the North West University and an AMBA accredited MBA from the North West University Business School. She was previously employed as group legal counsel in the road freight, logistics and commodity trading industry, where her duties included compliance management, IR management, employment law matters, commercial law matters and company secretarial duties. She also practiced as an attorney, specialising in corporate law, commercial litigation and trial advocacy.

Louwressè has an insatiable curiosity in understanding business needs and learning about the business environment. She is an avid problem solver who strives to find the best suited, economical and strategically sound solutions to any challenge. Louwressè prioritises adding value in whatever she is involved with

Who should attend?

  • Managing Directors
  • Managers
  • Compliance Officers
  • HR Officials

SEIFSA also offers the training on an in-house basis which is a more cost effective option for several delegates.


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