Status of the Metals and Engineering Industry and the upcoming Wage Negotiations

The state of our industry – what 2021 has in store for us all? 

The metals and engineering industry is a “super sector”, and we stand at the precipice. When we sneeze others catch the flu. So knowing what is going in within the 13 sub-sectors, the intricate relations and connections is critical. These connections are complicated and a combination of economic, political, strategic, and sometimes convenient vectors.

 It takes an objective view to de-tangle the intricacies. It takes the experience of a Lucio Trentini and the economic prowess of a senior Economist such as Chifipa Mhango to unpack the questions that could make this industry sneeze. 

Mhango and Trentini tackle the top 10 critical questions facing the industry in 2021. Join them at SEIFSA Roadshows.

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