Date: 20 October 2020
Time: 10:00am – 11:30am

In many companies, sales personnel are often the first – and sometimes only – contact that customers have with the business. Therefore, if your sales people do not have a strong customer service culture, then the company will not be able to differentiate themselves through customer service excellence.

Three points to take away from this webinar:

  1.  Proper analysis combined with a focussed sales force is key to growth and sustainability.
  2. Sales personnel’s KPIs must include:
    1. Weekly/monthly base order intake per customer;
    2. Weekly/monthly base order intake from new customers;
    3. Average profit margin from weekly/monthly base order intake;
    4. Monthly/quarterly large order intake; and
    5. Conversion rate from enquiry to order.
  3. Training of sales personnel is extremely important.

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20 October 2020




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