Retrenchments, short-time and lay-offs

About the training

Difficult times may call for difficult measures. With COVID-19 and lockdown regulations devastating businesses, employees may be considering reducing staff or the wage bill through these processes.

This training will identify the common errors employers make with retrenchments, short time and layoffs and help participants implement these processes correctly, thus avoiding successful challenges.

The training will expound on these three processes delving into:

  • The definition of short-time and how to apply it effectively, fairly and expeditiously;
  • Lay-offs as an alternative to retrenchments and how to apply it effectively;
  • Retrenchments and the difference between small-scale and large-scale retrenchments; and
  • The do’s and don’ts of retrenching.

The presenter

Michael Lavender is SEIFA’s Industrial Relations Manager. He holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree majoring in Industrial Psychology and Economics from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, formerly the University of Natal. He has extensive knowledge and experience in labour law and industrial relations.



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