Problem Solving Skills Programme

Aligned to US ID 242817 – Solve problems, make decisions and implement solutions



 Being “in business” means that all people solve problems every day. Therefore, the manager plays an integral role in coordinating problem-solving behaviour by his/her team and themselves. At every stage of the management process problems will arise that will require a solution to be found through problem solving and decision making.

You will learn how to: 

  1. Defining a problem.
  2. Investigating the problem.
  3. Generating problem solutions.
  4. Implementing problem solution.
  5. Evaluating the effectiveness of the solution. 

This Unit Standard course is intended for junior managers of organisations. The Unit Standard specifies the knowledge and skills required to solve problems and make decisions.

Who should attend

All staff in an organisation, at every level will benefit. It is best if a business undertakes this course as a company-wide intervention with a particular focus on Junior Managers and Supervisors.

Training can be presented In-House at your company.

 The presenter

Cobus Cato is a Training Specialist and Skills Development Facilitator.


Tel: 011 298 9400





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