Managing Intoxication – Alcohol and Marijuana

About this webinar

Substance abuse is a problem many employers have to deal with. But now that the personal use of marijuana at home is no longer a criminal offence, how does this impact on the workplace if employees arrive at work under the influence? Likewise, with alcohol use, how do managers deal with cases of intoxication and drunkenness?

This mini-webinar will provide participants with the necessary knowledge to manage the use or abuse of marijuana and alcohol in the workplace. It will look at the obligations of the employment contract and health and safety regulations, while also exploring questions such as what disciplinary action should be taken.

The presenter

Michael Lavender is SEIFA’s Industrial Relations Manager. He holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree, majoring in Industrial Psychology and Economics from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, formerly the University of Natal. He has extensive knowledge and experience in labour law and industrial relations.


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Online Webinar


16 September 2020


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