Managing Absenteeism and Leave - Including Sick Leave, Paternity Leave and Family Responsibility Leave

About the training

In this training, we take a look at the main issues that can cause disruptive absenteeism in the workplace while delving into what exactly constitutes fair/unfair absenteeism and the use of leave in the workplace, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

 We will delve into the following topics: 

How to manage sick leave use/abuse and absenteeism while giving consideration to partial lockdowns and quarantining;

UIF Illness benefits, Sick Pay Fund and quarantine;

Steps to take to reduce absenteeism, poor time-keeping and sick leave abuse;

The recognition of traditional healers;

What constitutes a valid sick note and when can managers insist on one;

Managing COVID-19;

Unauthorised absence and how to address it; and

Annual, maternity, paternity and family responsibility leave,


This training will also provide participants with guidelines on how to effectively manage these issues daily.

The presenter

Michael Lavender is SEIFA’s Industrial Relations Manager. He holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree majoring in Industrial Psychology and Economics from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, formerly the University of Natal. He has extensive knowledge and experience in labour law and industrial relations.



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