Leadership – Monitor and Evaluate Team Members

The Webinar covers the following content:

• Formulate performance standards for team members in a unit;
• Incorporate feedback from team members into performance standards;
• Establish systems for monitoring performance of team members;
• Identify and review a variety of performance monitoring systems;
• Set up the system for monitoring performance against standards;
• Prepare for a performance review of a team member;
• Conduct a preliminary assessment of performance against agreed standards;
• Identify methods for constructive feedback; and
• Conduct performance review interviews.


Monitor and Evaluate Team Members

In the challenging and changing environment within which we operate, performance and performance monitoring is an excellent tool to ensure that a team gets the opportunity to become more collaborative to within a global mind-set.
In this learning track, learners are guided to monitor and evaluate team members against performance standards. This learning track has a truly blended learning approach which incorporates theory, practical tasks, workplace application and various video casts presented by global leaders on the various topics.

Measuring our employees is a shared duty, company and yours! We truly hope you will enjoy this programme and develop your skills and competences for the future!

You will learn:

  • Ask essential questions before setting up a meeting;
  • Close a meeting efficiently;
  • Initiate a group self-assessment as part of a process of ongoing improvement; and
  • Uncover best practices for a meeting that matters.


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