Law of Evidence

The Webinar covers the following content:

• Instills the knowledge and ability for an initiator/respondent to present, understand, weigh and corroborate different forms of evidence and to determine when evidence can be admissible.

About the Webinar

Often failure to lead and/or produce evidence in the required manner at the correct forum compromises cases.
Evidence is a key aspect to the presentation of any case at any forum and the relevance of witnesses to corroborate different forms of evidence should be identified. Evidence produced before the adjudicator is the determination of which party is successful to a matter.
The initiator/respondent to the different processes should be able to identify different forms of evidence and present relevant forms of evidence upon requirement.

The presenter

Louwresse Specht is SEIFSA’s Industrial Relations and Legal Services Executive. She holds a LLB from the North West University and an AMBA accredited MBA from the North West University Business School. She was previously employed as group legal counsel in the road freight, logistics and commodity trading industry, where her duties included compliance management, IR management, employment law matters, commercial law matters and company secretarial duties. She also practiced as an attorney, specialising in corporate law, commercial litigation and trial advocacy.

Louwressè has an insatiable curiosity in understanding business needs and learning about the business environment. She is an avid problem solver who strives to find the best suited, economical and strategically sound solutions to any challenge. Louwressè prioritises adding value in whatever she is involved with.

Who should attend?

  • Legal Practitioners
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • HR Personality
  • Business Owners

The workshop will cover

  • Understanding the different forms of evidence;
  • Presentation of different forms of evidence when required;
  • Understanding when a witness would be required to corroborate different forms of evidence;
  • Understanding the admissibility of evidence;
  • Understanding the weighing of evidence at proceedings.

SEIFSA also offers the training on an in-house basis which is a more cost effective option for several delegates.


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