Introduction to Skills Development

The Webinar covers the following content:

• Legislation which governs SD
• Role of SETA’s

About the Webinar

• Legislation which governs SD
• Role of SETA’s
• Grants – Skills Plans and Training Reports
• Training Needs Analyses
• Training Committees
• Consultation with unions

The presenter

Cobus Cato is Training Specialist & Skills Development Facilitator – this means that he is a expert regarding anything resulting in a skill, competence or qualification. I primarily provide the full function of a SDF to organisations as well facilitating training for individuals within an organisation. I assist organisations with their accreditation if required and all development of learning programmes such as Apprentices, Experiential learners and Candidate engineers, Interns and Learnerships.


Natalie Fourie | Sales Officer
Tel: 011 298 9424

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2020-07-08, 2020-06-18, 2020-11-10