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Parental Leave, Adoption Leave and Commissioning Parental Leave?

We answer the question – how do these new amendments work with the Main Agreement?

  • The Main Agreement’s provisions on these areas is currently different
  • How must we treat scheduled employees, namely employees who are governed by the Main Agreement compared to employees who are governed by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, such as your office staff?

About the Publications

Formal Grievance Procedure

The formal grievance procedure is a key component in attaining sound industrial relations practices. It is a procedure designed to minimise conflict and to ensure a speedy and effective resolution of employee grievances. The importance of the grievance procedure cannot be overstressed. To this end, it is imperative that management and employees be trained to correctly utilise the procedure to obviate unnecessary confrontation and disruptive industrial action.

Disciplinary Policy and Code

Since the introduction of the Labour Relations Act of 1995 into South African legislation, the management of discipline at company level continues to be crucial. The general view is that disciplinary policies should not be instruments of punishment but rather fair procedures to be implemented to correct an employee’s unsatisfactory work performance or behaviour.
This guideline will provide management with a model disciplinary policy and code conforming to this view and those contained in the code of good practice.
The procedures should, however, be modified wherever necessary for introduction at company level.

Main Agreement Handbook

The Main Agreement is a collective agreement between the employer organisations and trade unions that constitute the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council. This agreement provides comprehensive conditions of employment for some 320 000 scheduled workers (including workers supplied by labour brokers) employed at over 10 000 companies in the industry. Get full insight into wage increases and minimum rates of pay, various types of employment relationships, such as labour brokers, limited duration contract workers, and the A – Z of the conditions of employment for employees covered by the Main Agreement.



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