How to Tender Successfully – Beginners Course

The Webinar covers the following content:

• Arms attendees with the A-Z principles of tendering procedures and legislative provisions to tender successfully for projects.
• Covers important economic aspects, include pricing products and services and mitigating inflation risk in tenders.

About the Webinar

This Webinar seeks to equip the attendees with the A-Z principles of tendering procedures, legislative provisions
outlined in the Public Finance Management Act as well as the Regulations and Guidelines issued by the National
Treasury to ensure that the attendees are equipped with the knowledge of tendering successfully for projects
untainted by corruption. In addition the workshop covers the important economic aspects of tendering which
include pricing products and services and mitigating inflation risk in tenders.

Session 1

• Context in which Tender Opportunities arise
• What is a tender?
• The parties involved
• Laws governing tender/procurement processes
• Where do I find a Tender/RFQ?
• What is in the Tender (legally)?
• The Advertisement/Request for Quotation
• Is your business legally Eligible?
• Does your company have the capability required?
• Compliance with Tender Rules
• Adjudication: Compliance
• Adjudication: Price & Capability
• National & Provincial Tender Forms/Bid documents

Session 2

• Economic Aspects of a Tender
• Aspects to consider when pricing a tender
• How to make your tender competitive
• Pricing Strategies
• Optimal Cost management & cost recover

The Presenters – Louwressé Specht and Marique Kruger

Louwressé Specht is SEIFSA’s Industrial Relations and Legal Services Executive. She holds a LLB from the North West
University and an AMBA accredited MBA from the North West University Business School. She was previously
employed as group legal counsel in the road freight, logistics and commodity trading industry, where her duties
included compliance management, IR management, employment law matters, commercial law matters and
company secretarial duties. She also practiced as an attorney, specialising in corporate law, commercial litigation
and trial advocacy.

Louwressè has an insatiable curiosity in understanding business needs and learning about the business environment.
She is an avid problem solver who strives to find the best suited, economical and strategically sound solutions to any
challenge. Louwressè prioritises adding value in whatever she is involved with.

Marique Kruger joined SEIFSA in July 2017 as an Economist within SEIFSA’s Economics and Commercial Division. She
holds a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Economics degree from the University of Johannesburg and she is in
the final stages of completing a Master of Commerce in Economics from the same institution.

Part of her role at SEIFSA entails facilitating the Theory and Calculation of Contract Price Adjustment workshop,
advising clients both on the buying and supplying side of contracts on matters relating to contract price adjustment,
as well as helping them to structure their Contract Price Adjustment clauses, using the SEIFSA – Price and Index
Pages (PIPS). Prior to joining SEIFSA Marique worked at Statistics South Africa and ETSA as an Economist.

Who should attend?

• Directors
• All people involved in contract negotiations and pricing
• Procurement Managers
• Contract Managers
• Buyers
• Marketing and sales teams
• Suppliers to government, parastatals and large
• Corporate companies

SEIFSA also offers the training on an in-house basis which is a more cost effective option for several delegates.


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