Export Development 2 Day Workshop

About the webinar

 In these uncertain times, characterised by poor domestic demand and ongoing challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic, local businesses have to adapt or die. To adapt, businesses might have to look beyond South Africa and seek export markets for growth.

 There are many opportunities for exporting. The planned implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement, which will create world’s largest free trade zone with a combined gross domestic product of $3.3-billion is just one of them. So now is the time to build your continental or overseas export drive on a foundation of practical knowledge. 

SEIFSA offers a comprehensive webinar on exports development for local companies looking at either venturing into the rest of Africa or overseas, or consolidating their positions to increase their exports market share.

This new expansive and insightful webinar is designed to help local companies meet international trade challenges and avoid the pitfalls that arise when operating in foreign markets.


About the presenter

Palesa Molise is an Economist at SEIFSA. She holds an M.Com in Development Economics from the University of Johannesburg. Part of her role at SEIFSA entails advising on the buying and supplying side of contracts on matters relating to contract price adjustment and helping them structure their Contract Price Adjustment clauses, using the SEIFSA Price and Index Pages.



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