Evacuation Planning

The course covers the following content:

• Accredited – 2 CPD Points
• The Evacuation Planning course is aimed at assisting the health and safety team to pre-plan, practise and implement an effective evacuation procedure which is a lifesaving skill during an emergency.

About the workshop

Emergencies, accidents and disasters occur unexpectedly and often result in chaos and confusion on how best to respond.

Municipal and City By-Laws require companies / employers to ensure that their staff are trained and competent in implementing an evacuation plan and conducting bi-annual evacuation drills and be prepared for unexpected emergencies. After completing the course, delegates must plan for and conduct bi-annual evacuation drills at their workplace. The evacuation drills ensure that all team members and employees are aware of their roles and responsibilities and that an efficient and practiced evacuation plan is in-place.

We can assist in creating detailed client evacuation plans, evacuation scenarios and will also evaluate your evacuation drills and report back on their effectiveness.

The course covers the following content:

• Introduction
• The purpose and pre-planning – evacuation planning
• Legal requirements for evacuation planning
• Evacuation floor plans
• Evacuation planning personnel/key personnel
• First- and Second-Stage evacuation procedures
• Specific emergencies and responses
• Observation
• Search and rescue
• Emergency numbers
• Points to remember during an emergency

Certificates are issued after successful completion of a theoretical competency assessment.


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