Communication & Interpersonal Skills Programme

Communication underpins success in the workplace. Practical key elements and techniques of communication and interpersonal skills are emphasised and taught. This training is unit standard aligned (NQF2).

You will learn and be able to:


  1. Identify the skills & knowledge required for the development of your career.
  2. Make and update your personal plans for developing skills
  3. Prioritise goals and objectives
  4. Select mechanisms for pursuing feedback
  5. Source, select and utilise the requisite resources
  6. Identify ways to minimise digressions or obstacles
  7. Identify and describe existing and potential conflict situations
  8. Participate in a conflict resolution/management process
  9. Evaluate conflict resolution/management process
  10. Monitor and respond to conflict resolution/management process
  11. Explain stress and its role in daily life
  12. Investigate techniques to manage stress in the workplace
  13. Identify stressors in the workplace
  14. Explain different ways in which people react to stress
  15. Identify stressors related to home and the greater environment
  16. Identify, explain and describe the purpose and process of scheduling activities in business.
  17. Develop an effective business schedule
  18. Organise and prepare business activities and estimate their duration
  19. Develop strategies to deal with interruptions.


Who should attend:

It is best if organisations, companies, and businesses undertake a company-wide intervention providing this course of all employees, at every level. Training can be provided In-House at your company’s premises.


The presenter

Cobus Cato is a Training Specialist and Skills Development Facilitator.


Tel: 011 298 9400







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