A SEIFSA industrial relations and skills development seminar in partnership with global business solutions featuring Johnny Goldberg.



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About the Seminar

Join Louwresse Specht, SEIFSA Industrial Relations Executive, Jan Munnik, Managing Director of EES-SIYAKHA and Johnny Goldberg, well known Business Commentator, Labour Law Specialist and Adviser to BUSA, NEDLAC and Senior Industrialist across industries on a range of pressing industrial relations, human capital and skills development, labour and employment law themes and topics dominating the world of work landscape.


-Employment Equity Amendment Bill

-Understanding the impact of the various proposed changes to the EEA Bill

-Unpacking the envisaged authority and power given to the Minister of Employment and Labour to establish and set EEA sectoral industry targets

-Understanding the impact of this amendment on you and your business


-SEIFSA’s response to the amendment empowering the Minister to set sectoral targets

-Formulation of a SEIFSA response representative and mandated by the affiliated membership to the Department of Employment and Labour’s proposed sector target score card

-Timelines and expected promulgation of the amendments


-COVID-19 Latest Developments

-What is the difference between a Mandatory Vaccination Policy vs. Compulsory Vacation?

-Can you force employees to be vaccinated?

-Can you prevent entry to employees who refuse to be vaccinated?

-Can you suspend employees who refuse to be vaccinated?

-Can you force employees to pay for their own vaccinations in the event that they exercise their ‘’constitutional right” not to be vaccinated?

-What weight does an individual’s right carry vs. the right of the many?

-Can you dismiss an employee who refuses to be vaccinated?

-Have you amended your company Disciplinary Code to address COVID in the workplace i.e., in order to deal with employees who, refuse to mask-up, maintain social distancing and/or sanitize regularly and other misdemeanors?


Panel Discussion

-The panel discussion will be facilitated by SEIFSA’s Executives and Johnny Goldberg on matters and themes covered, questions that may not have been answered and/or matters requiring further clarity.


Friday 26 May 2022

-The collective bargaining landscape

-What is the status of the Metal Industry Main Agreement?

-Why has the Main Agreement not been gazetted or extended to non-parties over the last ten years?

-What are the prospects of gazettal and extension this time round?

-Metals experienced a three-week strike in 2021, what are the prospects for strike action this year in:

-Auto & Motor Industry , and Automotive Component manufacturers

-Labour and Employment Law Update

-A Labour Appeal Court dealing with an employee who took sick leave to watch a game of cricket

-Key Labour Court cases examining sexual harassment

-A Labour Court case exploring the mis-characterisation of the reason for termination of employment where parties have concluded a mutual separation agreement

A CCMA case evaluating the fairness of dismissing an employee for refusing to vaccinate


Panel Discussion

-The panel discussion will be facilitated by SEIFSA’s Executives and Johnny Goldberg on matters and themes covered, questions that may not have been answered and/or matters requiring further clarity.



Johnny Goldberg

Jonathan Goldberg is the joint CEO of Global Business Solutions. He holds several qualifications, including an LLB and an MBA (cum laude).  Over the past 20 years, he has been at the forefront of the changing labour law landscape, leading negotiations at plant, industry and NEDLAC levels. He has also been instrumental in assisting clients to navigate the dynamic regulatory environment.  Jonathan holds several key roles including being nominated as a business representative, as Employment Conditions Commissioner, Chief Operating Officer of the Confederation of Associations in the Private Employment Sector (CAPES), member of the Employment Services Board, and as a BUSA representative at NEDLAC focusing on labour law amendments, including a-typical employment.  Jonathan continues to be actively involved in various industries, leading and advising on negotiations in numerous sectors of the economy.



He is the founder and Managing Director of EES-SIYAKHA. Jan has specialised in EE for the past 21 years and is regarded as one of the leading experts in EE transformation in South Africa. Jan has developed ground-breaking EE systems, methodologies and tools that includes, inter alia, Equity Pro, the most sophisticated EE Goal Setting and Monitoring Software Tool on the market, and an EE Best Practice Framework Model, which have been embraced by numerous clients in implementing EE transformation. He has recently assisted different Sectors with their responses to the DoE&L’s Sector Targets, including the Hospitality Sector, for which he conducted in-depth analyses and facilitated an alternative Target Model response.


Louwresse Specht
Louwresse Specht holds a LLB from the North West University and an AMBA-accredited MBA from the North West University Business School. She was previously employed as group legal counsel in the road freight, logistics and commodity trading industry, where her duties included compliance management, IR management, employment law matters, commercial law matters and company secretarial duties. She also practised as an attorney, specialising in corporate law, commercial litigation and trial advocacy.

Specht has an insatiable curiosity in understanding business needs and learning about the business environment. She is an avid problem solver who strives to find the best suited, economical and strategically sound solutions to any challenge.


This seminar is hosted in collaboration with Global Business Solutions


Additional information

Part 2 : 26 May 2022, Part 1 & 2 : 08 April 2022 & 26 May 2022


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