A Grading workshop – Get the pay right

The Webinar covers the following content:

• Prepares key members of your management team to recognise which of the 39 Technical schedules are applicable to your company.
• Developing their ability to grade various technical/machining activities

About the Webinar

Grading – Are you paying wages according to the right grades?

SEIFSA has established a professional service to assist employers in the verification of employee job grades in terms of the Main Agreement.
It is imperative that employers ensure that the present job grades of their employers are correct.
This is practically important where companies operate under more than one schedule or division of the Main Agreement or have changed their activities since the original date of registration with the Bargaining Council.
Correct job grading at company level, either in terms of the five grade job structure or thirteen grade structure, is essential for sound labour relations.

The workshop will cover

  • A brief introduction of legislation concerning Bargaining Councils and collective bargaining
  • The Metal industry, the Main Agreement and the jurisdiction/scope of application of both in terms of technical operations.
  • SEIFSA and its operations, functions and purpose
  • The Metal Industries Collective Agreements, including the Main Agreement.
  • At the end of the workshop the participants will be given a practical exercise, where they will grade various technical/machining activities.
  • This will ensure that the contents of the workshop have been understood and can be applied at the company.
  • The presentation process and content will be subject to continuous change, adjustment and improvement as the company’s operations adjust over time.
  • The training should therefore be envisioned as an on-going process.

NB: It is advisable that delegates have some technical knowledge of their operations and machinery.

The presenter

Marius Landman

Is a SEIFSA Alliance Partner who has more than 30 years of experience in the Metal and Engineering Industry.
Today, with the experience of having conducted consolidated Main Agreement Wage Negotiations since 1992, he specialises in

  • Grading of Scheduled Positions in terms of Main Agreement
  • Attend to training employer representatives in Part 1 and Part 2 of the Consolidated Main Agreement,
  • Act as chairperson in disciplinary hearings,

Attend to MEIBC CDR AND CCMA dispute referrals representing the employer, together with the representing of companies at the Council level where compliance orders were issued for alleged non-compliance with Main Agreement

Who should attend?
Anyone who needs to understand the Main Agreement’s Technical Schedules including how to grade your employees and ensure that they are paid correctly including:

  • Business Owners
  • Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Foremen, supervisors
  • HR and IR Practioners

In-House option

The presentation will be adapted to each and every company`s own requirements, with images of an individual company`s plant and equipment being
taken during the assessment session before the day of the workshop, so that these images and details of your machinery will be incorporated
into the presentation.


A detailed overview and application of your Technical Schedules applicable to your company, including examining of company specific machinery and operations and the grading there of.
Each job operation within the company will be reviewed to establish its contents and its relationship to the relevant Main Agreement grade structure.
The resultants grading schedule will be submitted to management for further action, where necessary
Contact Natalie Fourie for more information: natalie@seifsa.co.za Tel: 011 298 9424


Natalie Fourie | Sales Officer
Tel: 011 298 9424
Email: natalie@seifsa.co.za

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