In October SEIFSA hosts the  Annual Presidential Breakfast.


The business world that existed in 1943, the year that SEIFSA was founded,  no longer exists. There have been seismic shifts in SEIFSA’s 76 years. Every year, SEIFSA has attempted to give context to these shifts, beyond the 24 hour, weekly or monthly news cycle.


Managers now confront an environment in which change is taking place at an unprecedented rate. Constant innovations in technology combined with globalization of product and financial markets have created chaos in some industries who were never prepared.


As a voice and to demonstrate stewardship in the metals and engineering industry, SEIFSA must always endeavor to ensure that its members and stakeholders know ‘what is happening’ in their country and trends throughout the world.


So how does an organisation evolve into a global organisation? Managers of multinational and transnational organisations have become increasingly global in their perspectives and accept the reality that national borders no longer define corporations. South African companies have been caught up in this wave – and while some have navigated the waters well – other have failed to adapt. The complications inherent in South Africa also play a major role in the health of businesses.


It is SEIFSA’s role to assist companies with “Environmental Scanning and Scenario Planning”. These exercises create the foundation for forecasts.  Where does management get the information for developing scenarios? SEIFSA has become a repository for this type of information through platforms such as the Metals and Engineering Indaba, its publications such as the State of the Metals and Engineering Industry Annual Report, and the Presidential Breakfast – where an established public intellectual presents their view and opinions on the political economy in South Africa and international trends.


The event is also marked by the organization’s AGM, taking place before the breakfast.