Why subscribe to PIPS?

The SEIFSA Price and Index Pages is essential to the completion of tenders and claims for the adjustment of contract prices and price escalation claims. It covers indices for materials and services costs, statutory and actual labour costs and there are a number of sector specific indices developed for use in the metal and engineering industry.

The SEIFSA Price and Index Pages is published monthly by the Economic and Commercial Services unit and is available on a subscription basis. The subscription includes automatic access to the electronic Price and Index Pages on this website. Once subscribed, a user will have 24 hour access to the latest electronic tables, history information as well as a monthly report on price movement, compiled by SEIFSA’s Economics Unit.

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24-7 Online Access

Any-time access to an online portal house up-to-date data.

Telephonic Support

Free telephonic assistance from SEIFSA’s Economic and Commercial Division on PIPS.

Monthly Report

Access to a free monthly report on price movements.

Consulting and Training

SEIFSA offers dedicated consulting for specific contracts and training on the use of the Price and Index Pages at discounted rates.

Our Team

Meet our skilled support team:



Palesa Molise is an Economist and holds an M.Com in Development Economics from the University of Johannesburg.

She facilitates various workshops, including the Theory and Calculation of Contract Price Adjustment (CPA) and Exports Development. She also advises clients both on the buying and supplying side of contracts on matters relating to CPA, including how they structure their CPA clauses using the SEIFSA Price and Index Pages (PIPS).


Economics and Commercial Statistics Clerk

Economic and Commercial Officer Eleen Snyman has more than 15 years’ experience in importsand economic-related matters. She assists in the daily compilation of the SEIFSA PIPS for the broader domestic economic industry.

Snyman assists members and interested stakeholders with CPA queries and provides expert advice within the realm of her competence.