Personal Development

Management Training

The course covers the following content:

Achieve success through leadership;
• Building a successful team;
• Developing my team;
• Delegating with efficiency;
• Motivating my team;
• Managing conflict within my team;
• Communicating effectively with my team;
• Organising my time and keeping availability for my team; and
• Supporting my team through change.

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Managing your Time and Priorities

The course covers the following content:
• Identify, explain and describe the purpose and process of scheduling activities in own business;
• Understand schedule development processes in accordance with established business practices;
• Understand the advantages and implications of task completion within the shortest possible time and at a specified due date;
• Organise and prepare business activities and estimate their duration;
• Prioritise business activities;
• Develop strategies to deal with interruptions; and
• Develop an effective business schedule.

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Negotiating Win-win Outcomes

The course covers the following content:
• Identify his/her negotiating style;
• Identify the profile closest to him/her;
• Draw conclusions related to future negotiations; and
• Maintain more effective relations during negotiations.

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Personal Day-to-Day Effectiveness

The course covers the following content:
• What type of memory they have;
• How they can make the most of their memory;
• What the characteristics of email communications are; and
• What the best practices for effective email communication are.

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Planning and Managing your Time

The course covers the following content:
• Tell when they are falling into the trap of trying to get everything done at once;
• Tell the difference between what’s urgent and important;
• Make schedules over different time scales; and
• Make better use of their time.

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Self-awareness and Decision-making Skills

The course covers the following content:
• Know themselves better;
• Develop their self-confidence in a more practical way;
• Enhance their emotional intelligence skills more;
• Enhance their listening skills better;
• Develop their ability to make better decisions; and
• Learn and grow more on a personal level.

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Self-confidence and Communication

The course covers the following content:
• What the key characteristics of self-confident people are;
• What their potential for being self-confident is;
• How to engage in an interaction calmly and confidently;
• How to formulate a request or refusal assertively; and
• How to express their position effectively, without being aggressive.

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Selling Your Ideas

The course covers the following content:
• Find the arguments you need; and
• Find ideas.

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Successful Public Speaking

The course covers the following content:
• Prepare for a public talk;
• Capture and keep the audience’s attention; and
• Master presentation supports more effectively.

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Understand Self and Team to Enhance Performance

The course covers the following content:
• Understanding him/herself as a worker in a specific position.
• Identifying own role in an organisation.
• Understanding the dynamics within a specific group.
• Using a variety of strategies to deal with potential conflict in a team or group.
• Developing a plan of action to enhance team performance.

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Be a great Team Player

The course covers the following content:
• Describe effective groups and identify the group stage.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the criteria for working as a member of a group
• Work autonomously and collaborate with other team members.
• Participate in building relations between group members and stakeholders.
• Make a positive contribution to team coherence, image and spirit.
• Respect personal, ethical, religious and cultural differences to enhance interaction between members
• Evaluate team performance in own business.

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the Workplace

The course covers the following content:
• How to identify the aptitudes to be developed in order to become more “emotionally intelligent” (EQ).
• Why EQ should be developed within a company.
• What emotions are for.
• How to control emotions by interpreting what they are telling us.
• Several ways to control emotions.
• Several ways to develop self-awareness and self-control.
• How to deal with an unhappy client making use of Empathy.

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Ethics and Social Responsibility Awareness

The course covers the following content:
• The ethical challenges corporates’ have.
• How ethically sound decisions can be made.
• Unconscious bias.
• How to manage in a more socially responsible way.
• How relationships with stakeholders can be improved.

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Knowing where the Workplace is Going and Getting There!

The course covers the following content:
• The advantages and disadvantages of
• Shared Leadership;
• The qualities that employees need in order to contribute to Shared Leadership;
• How to contribute to Shared Leadership at every career level;
• How the brain decodes set objectives ;
• How to identify the impediments that prevent objectives being met; and
• Which questions to ask when formulating a good objective.

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Coping with Stress and Change

The course covers the following content:
• How to analyze and assess their stress.
• What stress is.
• How to face up to the typical stresses of being a manager.
• How to cope more effectively with personal change.
• How to improve their well-being.

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