Light Engineering Industries Association of SA

Employers engaged in the manufacture of Light metal products (excluding tinsmiths and/or plumbers) by forging, stamping, rolling, pressing, bending, welding, cutting and/or casting and the manufacturer and sale of sheet metal and shall include the “Iron, Steel, Engineering, and Metallurgical Industries” which shall mean (subject to the provisions of any demarcation determination and made in terms ofsection 62 of the Labour Relations Act, No. 66 of 1995 and section 76 of the Labour Relations Act, 1956) the industry concerned with the production of iron and/or steel and/or alloys and/or the processing and/or recovery and/or refining of metals (other than precious metals) and/or alloys from dross and/or scrap and/or residues; the maintenance, fabrication,

erection or assembly, construction, alteration, replacement or repair of any machine, vehicle (other than a motor vehicle) or article consisting mainly of metal (other than a precious metal) or parts or components thereof, and structural metalwork, including steel reinforcement work; the manufacture of metal goods principally from such iron and/or steel and/or other metals (other than precious metals) and/or alloys, and/or the finishing of metal goods; the building and/or alteration and/or repair of boats and/or ships, including the scraping, chipping and/or scaling and/or painting of the hulls of boats and/or ships; and general woodwork undertaken in connection with ship repairs, and includes the Electrical Engineering Industry, the Lift and Escalator Industry and the Plastics Industry, but does not include the Motor Industry.

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