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Hi, my name is Sumaya Hoosen, the Human Capital and Skills Development (HC&SD) Executive at SEIFSA.

Welcome to the inaugural official newsletter of the HC&SD Division. I am excited to have the opportunity to engage with you, through this new platform, on the latest trends and insights in the HC&SD space.

While you no doubt already know who SEIFSA is and what we stand for, this newsletter will allow you to drill down to the HC&SD Division to understand our role within SEIFSA – from lobbying for employer-friendly policies at Government level and representing you on various business forums, to helping you achieve your human capital objectives,  whether they are related to transformation, skills development or just keeping your most valuable assets, your employees, engaged.

We will share with you what’s happening in the Division – from new training courses and publications, to staff changes. We will also share with you any legislation updates, or new developments in human resources management, whether they are related to transformation and skills development, or are simply innovative ways to boost productivity.

I ask you to also engage with me so that this is not a one-way conversation. I would like to know who you are and what your needs are as an organisation. You are welcome to share with me your feedback about our training – where we succeed or where we fall short. 

I am here to serve you, so my door – or, rather, my inbox – is open.