Training and Seminars

Presented by the SEIFSA Economists and the Economics & Commercial Division, the seminar “Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19” gives a practical approach to the myriad of relief funding or loan packages available to South African businesses. The advent of the coronavirus pandemic or Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown imposed by South Africa and other countries regionally and globally have brought economic activity to a halt.

The Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted on domestic and global supply chains and seriously reduced demand for manufactured goods – with extended ramifications on employment.

The sustainability of many companies is at stake; importantly, human lives are at stake.

Training will include:

  • Company experiences with the Covid-19 crisis
  • Challenges or grey areas in applying for funding/loans
  • New funding or loan relief packages or new proposals on how to assist companies.
  • General comments on the crisis or on dipping business activity and sustainability.
  • Applying for Relief Funding
  • The application process;
  • Reviewing the relevant qualifying criteria;
  • Reviewing the eligibility of SMMEs;
  • Reviewing the eligibility of employees;
  • Ensuring that all qualifying employees benefit timeously;
  • Compiling the supporting documents;
  • Dealing with queries/bottlenecks in completing relevant forms;
  • Addressing any other relevant matters;
  • Enabling correct, first-time submission in order to expedite the process of receiving the necessary
    financial relief; and