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Why play at the SEIFSA Golf Day?


We at SEIFSA know that meeting with our members is not always easy. Busy schedules and the challenges of running a business in the M&E sector can be all-encompassing. Our Golf Day is designed so that, we at SEIFSA, can have an extended period of time our member-companies, to provide a platform for industry-connection without suits, agendas or offices. We would like to be able to connect with you and our other guests and stakeholders on a more personal level. Here are a few reasons why you should join us:


1.       Strengthen Networks
2.       Build Client Relationships
3.       Team building
4.       B2B Networking: Participate in discussions about commonalities and challenges in our
5.       Meet the SEIFSA Team including Leadership, Executives, and Managers
6.       Enjoyable day out of the office
7.       Fantastic prizes to be won


A SEIFSA Golf Day is a fantastic networking & social event that provides a unique opportunity to build business relationships, enhance your corporate image, improve staff satisfaction and provide awareness of what your company has to offer.


Tel: 011 298 9400