Why Should You Attend Employment Equity Workshops at SEIFSA

Employment equity training is essential if you want to stay ahead of the competition and ensure that you prevent your company being fined up to 10% of your annual turnover for non-compliance. Attending workshops presents your organisation with the opportunity to educate its managers on how to work together effectively for a constructive business transformation process. The changed Employment Equity legislation has brought about several changes in definitions, the target of audits and turnover threshold. As a result, not keeping up with the changes represents a higher risk to the business. Moreover, an organisation stands to miss the business benefits of a fully functioning employment equity process.

Employment equity workshops at SEIFSA have their aim at assisting companies to administer and set-up employment equity plan, assess diversity programs and at the same time cover the most recent amendments of the Employment Equity Act of 1998. The SEIFSA workshop is an interactive programme. Managers and delegates will receive practical guidelines about communication and skills development to ensure full compliance and implementation of the EE Act. The programme provided is further designed to offer learning through self-testing, provide relevant information on labour and management’s roles and responsibilities. It also fosters discussions; customised to ensure relevance to your organization’s environment. Does the SEIFSA workshop sound like an intervention that could assist your company to be more productive? Here are reasons why it’s worth investing your precious time on a SEIFSA Employment Equity workshop.

Company and Employee Benefits

Expert knowledge

The SEIFSA workshop offers you the golden opportunity to meet your business idols. When you are sharing the same space with like-minded individuals or people you admire, your chances of gaining expert knowledge are greatly improved. Even getting a few minutes to have a one-on-one conversation with a professional allows you to pitch your ideas, ask for insight or feedback. The workshop will give you extensive exposure to employment equity through discussions and presentations led by experts. You can leave the seminar with new ideas, a wide range of knowledge and approaches that will make your organisation more efficient.

Networking opportunities

Attending the conference is an opportunity for attendees to get connected. Mix and mingle, strengthen existing relationships and form new ones. You may make a connection and get up close and personal with the perfect prospect. You will be surprised to find yourself sitting next to your mentor or future customer. Interacting with people who share your interests will offer chances for you to engage in constructive debates, share experiences and prospects. Meeting new people will not only provide solutions to common problems but will also offer encouragement.

Relationships created during the SEIFSA workshop have been known to continue into useful professional connections even after the workshop is over. Or, if you don’t attend, maybe a representative from a rival organization will be seating on your seat.

Renewed motivation

Regardless of the type of business, it is easy to get caught up in the daily corporate grind and lose excitement or motivation for your business interests. Employment Equity training workshop at SEIFSA provides intensive study hence the perfect chance to get way and rekindle your enthusiasm. As a result, attending the workshop will result in increased productivity and intellectual growth.

New tools and skills development

The problem with many managers is that they believe that they are always well prepared and have solutions at their fingertips. And maybe they do. However, employment equity can be overwhelming, and you often can’t crack all the data. The SEIFSA workshop helps curate new ideas to help you improve your thoughts. It’s possible that you can easily access information regarding employment equity online, but a seminar helps cut through the clutter to find the perfect solution for each unique organisation. In addition, the workshop has tools that you probably haven’t seen yet. New tools are faster and always make your company less prone to costly mistakes.

New space

Ever considered why many companies are embracing the concept of off-site meetings? It’s because research indicates that lack of change of perspective inhabits new ideas and fresh thinking. A day out of the office can always spark you and your employees to new ideas that can propel your organisation towards business growth. Besides, SEIFSA conferences are fun and add a layer of enjoyment to employment equity training by incorporating a social aspect into your learning. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity.

Stay relevant and updated

It is every organisation’s goal to stay ahead of the curve. However, to do this, it is imperative to stay updated. Attending the SEIFSA workshop is one of the smart moves you can make for the future of your organisation. It is designed to give you a plethora of the latest trends and usable content. The workshop will be sure to keep you plus your employees up-to-date with the latest development strategies and other changes that are occurring within your industry.

Increased employee loyalty

The idea behind a workshop is that delegates take what they learn back to the company and share with their workmates. After attending the SEIFSA workshop, you will have the everything you need to educate your team and ultimately improve the company’s bottom line. Equipping your team with the right skills boosts moral which in turn boosts productivity.

Self development

Seminars and conferences force individuals to break out of their comfort zones. By attending the workshops at SEIFSA, you are investing in yourself, your team as well as your company. The workshop offers the type of action you need to boost your confidence.

Risks of Employment Equity Act non-compliance

Did you know that the Employment Equity (EE) is among the top challenges facing employers in South Africa? As a result, it should not be underestimated. The department of labour made some amendments to the Employment Equity Act implementing harsh penalties on companies that fail to comply. Failure to comply with the Act will result in a fine ranging from 2% to 10% of an organisation’s annual turnover. The Act stipulates several guidelines to employers. Don’t delay, learn all about EE at SEIFSA workshop and save yourself the financial and legal embarrassment.

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