Training Committee Training

This training session is offered upon request from companies on an in-house basis. It provides a guide to facilitate and co-ordinate the effective consultation of training committee members at the workplace.  The session enables a full understanding of all the requirements and responsibilities of training committee members in order to enable the skills planning process, sign-off of the workplace skills plan and annual training report, PIVOTAL plan and PIVOTAL training report submission requirements for Merseta.

Who should attend?

This training is essential for the nominated person who are members of the Training Committee as well as the Skills Development Facilitator (SDF). The workshop is valuable to any labour representatives nominated to serve on the company’s training committee particularly in the always changing skills development environment.

The workshop will cover

  • Skills Development Legislation
  • Merseta
  • Skills Development Facilitator
  • Levy grant amendments
  • Skills Planning Process
  • The training committee

A guide to consultation

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