SHEQ Consultancy


SEIFSA’s SHEQ Division assists member companies in meeting the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act and other safety, health, environment and quality legislation. The SEIFSA SHEQ division guides companies in addressing safety, health, environment and quality issues at the workplace and thereby protecting management from vicarious liability and criminal prosecution.

The Division offers an audit programme which includes the following: 

  • An annual audit;
  • The provision of the administrative documentation required to ensure that the mandatory administrative requirements are observed;
  • A written report identifying and addressing areas of non-compliance and, where necessary, specific recommendations for action by management; and The formulation of an implementation plan to assist in the achievement
  • and maintenance of full and proper legal compliance.


  • SEIFSA provides a comprehensive range of consultancy and advisory services to member companies on safety, health, environment and quality issues, including:
  • General health and safety legal advice and assistance;
  • Interpretation and advice on occupational health and safety legislation;
  • Interpretation and advice on workmen’s compensation legislation;
  • Formulation and implementation of company level health and safety management systems and procedures;
  • Incident investigations and reporting; and
  • Legal compliance guidance and auditing.

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