From 1 May, South Africa will assume Level 4 of the recently announced risk adjusted approach for the measured, phased restarting of certain sectors of the economy.

Level four is a continuation of the lockdown but under a phased return of the economy for certain sectors.  A phased return is an absolute imperative as the risk remains large for the spread of the Covid-19, and the effect of overloading the healthcare sector is significant.  Adhering to the conditions and procedures for level four is critical.

In determining workplace and sector openings, government considered four factors:

  • Risk of transmission and spread
  • Expected impact on sector of a full lockdown
  • Economic imperatives: GDP, jobs, export earnings
  • Promotion of community and well-being – i.e. livelihoods of the vulnerable
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Strict social distancing requirements remain in place. In addition to generally applicable health and safety protocols, individual businesses and workplaces must have COVID-19 risk assessments and plans in place, and will be required to conduct worker education on COVID-19 and protection measures. These plans must include:

  • Identification and protection of vulnerable employees
  • Safe transport of employees
  • Screening of employees entering the workplace
  • Prevention of viral spread in the workplace
  • Hand sanitisers and face masks
  • Cleaning of surfaces and shared equipment
  • Good ventilation
  • Shift arrangement and canteen controls
  • Managing sick employees

Thank you to the companies that have forwarded comments, SEIFSA will be submitting a consolidated set of comments to Government for consideration and through BUSA will be engaging government substantively on the proposed opening of sections of the economy during Level 4 of the crisis.